Saturday, 3 December 2016

November has passed and two more species were added to the year total with a Woodcock(105) flushed from the alder wood on the 12th.
On the 19th of the month a Little Egret(106) flew SW over Kirkins.
Prior to this another high-lite was a pair of Ravens that flew over north on the 6th of the month,remarkably this is the third record this year,probably a sign of this species increase in the county!
Most early walks at the weekends have seen good numbers of Black-headed Gulls with a few Common Gulls on Swigs Hole side.
A Marsh Tit has been seen regularly around the lake and of some significance was a Chiffchaff in the ditch at the southern end.
During this week the lake has been mostly frozen over this had pushed out the Water Rails with two seen in the only bit of open water on the afternoon of the third.It was great to see them as I normally only hear them.
Today a skein of geese went over which was mostly Canadas but there was also a Greylag and a Canada/Greylag hybrid amongst them.
The morning got even better when I found a Chiffchaff behind the pumping station and better still when three more CHIFFCHAFFS were flitting around the reeds and trees at the southern end of the lake.Fantastic!!Only the second ever December record.
This afternoon, on a walk with my wife I was delighted to find 35 Lapwings in with the Black-headeds on Swigs side.
Lapwings on Swigs

I found some images on my coolpix camera which I had digiscoped on a holiday in Kefalonia so i've 
a few.